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Easy To Customize

With built-in administrative tools available, WayCloud Lite can be configured to complement any range of locations & campuses.

Responsive Architecture

WayCloud Lite is designed to be platform agnostic – it will work on any smart device manufactured within the last ten years.

Clean Design

With a simple user interface, WayCloud Lite is designed to be used by people in any demographic and technical ability.


Share your location with anyone, anytime using WayCloud Lite’s fully customizable send-to-email and send-to-text features.

Outdoor Wayfinding

The WayCloud Lite experience can be accessed on a smartphone, desktop PC or any other Internet-enabled device. It will guide users from their current location to the correct parking area. The user’s current location is discovered by the Google maps API, plugged into WayCloud, then (automatically) displayed to the user along with a list of destinations from which to choose.

This experience requires the user to tap/click the screen at most three times.

WayCloud Lite is designed for broad, far-spread medical groups whose campuses & satellite offices cover a considerable geographical area.


Have you ever arrived at a large hospital, university or other large campus and parked in a random parking lot then gone inside to ask for directions to your destination only to find that your destination is on the opposite side of the campus? If you’re like me, you then struggle with the question “Walk across the hospital twice or hop in your car and pray for another parking space on the other side of campus?”

This is just one of the many problems that WayCloud Lite has been designed to solve: An external wayfinding and mapping solution that works in your phone’s web browser with no need to download an app. Simply go to your branded URL – like – click or tap on your destination and watch the cloud-based mapping solution draw a map to your destination. WayCloud also integrates turn by turn GPS navigation to get you parked in the most convenient parking area.


WayCloud is a complete, end-to-end solution for guiding clients, visitors & patient from their homes, to the correct parking lot, to the correct entrance, to the correct elevator and finally to the destination office within your campus. WayCloud includes both Off-Campus & On-Campus navigation.


WayCloud Lite

WayCloud Lite is an Off-Campus solution only, meaning it will take visitors & clients from their homes to the correct parking lot and finally to the correct entrance. WayCloud Lite is a simpler solution for getting your patients and visitors to their destination.

We Are Usually Asked About

What is WayCloud Lite?

Waycloud Lite is a web-based wayfinding solution created to address the problem of visitor navigation among multiple, far-spread offices. WayCloud Lite uses easy to read maps to show users to their current location and destination.

Do users have to download an app?

No. WayCloud Lite is not a mobile app; it’s a cloud-based application, which runs within a Web browser.

How does my WayCloud Lite license work?

WayCloud employs single SAAS & instance-based licensing system.

Does WayCloud Lite show valet locations?

Yes. Services such as valet, shuttlebuses and designated drop-off and pick-up zones can be shown to visitors.

What kind of devices work best with WayCloud Lite?

WayCloud Lite is platform-agnostic. Using any reasonably up-to-date Web browser, WayCloud Lite will work on nearly any Internet-connected device.

Does WayCloud Lite include user & website analytics?

Yes. WayCloud Lite will record user interactions and behavior across the entirety of the application, to be displayed later through the WayCloud Lite admin panel.

Can I brand WayCloud Lite using my company's assets?

Yes. WayCloud Lite is a white-label product; you can use your own company’s logo, colors, icons, and images.

What kind of technical support can I expect?

There is only one level of support: Full and complete support, up to and including hardware installation, user training & addressing unexpected hardware failures.

Will WayCloud Lite guide me from home to the medical campus?

Yes. WayCloud Lite is designed to be accessed before you get on the road, or once you arrive on site. WayCloud Lite will take you from your current location to the correct parking lot on campus, and then direct you to the closest entrance.

The Reason You Need WayCloud

Wayfinding systems make financial sense. Costs associated with wayfinding problems are often hidden. For example, consider the indirect cost of lost productivity as concerned staff members take time away from their duties to give directions or walk lost visitors to their destination. One study at a major tertiary hospital estimated the cost of wayfinding problems at $220,000 per year (Zimring).

Another indirect cost of poor wayfinding is that lost visitors are late or miss their appointments as people who visit the location infrequently misjudge how long it takes to navigate an unfamiliar environment.

Furthermore, successful wayfinding systems can contribute to better Press Ganey scores as have been demonstrated at hospitals around the world.

Easy to Customize
  • Branded logos, colors & assets
  • Flat and Isographic maps available
  • Easily change waypoints & descriptions
Easy to Customize
  • Scales down for small screens
  • Easy to understand and use
  • A/B tests report excellent usability
Easy to Customize
  • Uses the latest Google frameworks
  • Ultra-small client footprint
  • Compressed delivery for fast load times
Easy to Customize
  • Design for ease of use
  • Flexible, Responsive Layout
  • Demographics report excellent usability

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