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Welcome to EDN Healthcare

We provide Attractive and Affordable Digital Solutions for the Medical Industry.

Why choose us

Our surprisingly affordable, turnkey solutions for engaging and informing patients and visitors make our digital products some of the most beneficial tools to improve your patient experience and satisfaction.

Who we are

EDN Healthcare is an innovative digital technology company established in July 2019. EDN Healthcare evolved from its sister company EDN, a digital signage company servicing many growing industries.

We are proud to call Pensacola, Florida home. First settled in 1559, the Pensacola area offers residents and vacationers an exciting mix of heritage, fresh coastal cuisine, art and culture, unique shopping and many festivals throughout the year celebrating everything from music and food to the arts and Mardi Gras.

HIPAA Compliance Verification

EDN Healthcare is a HIPAA certified company.

Click on the HIPAA seal to verify HIPAA compliance.

Benefits Of Working With Us

We have partners, not customers

A partnership with us can help meet your business objectives, as well as helping us to create a healthier, more efficient work environment and experiences that move and inspire.

Long Term Value

Be part of a partnership that makes a difference today and evolves into a lasting legacy for the future.

We are leaders

Our partners come to us because they are looking for more than a hired hand. They need to know that we’re leaders in our field and that they will be advised, supported and understood at every step.

We are proactive

It’s not a transactional relationship; we’re a proactive partner that works hand-in-hand with you, helping you achieve your goals and adding value to your business.

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