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Our surprisingly affordable, turnkey solutions for engaging, informing, up-selling and guiding your clients and potential clients make our digital solutions some of of the most beneficial tools available today.

We provide a complete end-to-end, turn-key solution for any budget and companies of any size. We’ll take care of all of your hardware, software, installation, content creation and delivery needs, and can customize digital solutions specific to your business needs and clientele.

HIPAA Compliance Verification

EDN Healthcare is a HIPAA certified company.

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Patient Communication Boards

EDN Healthcare’s patented Patient Communication Boards provide a secure, digitally delivered and highly efficient method of communicating critical information to physicians, hospital staff and their patients.

Through just a single glance, your physicians will be able to diagnose a patient’s current pain level, medications, scheduled procedures, and potential hazards. In addition to that, patients will receive up-to-date information of their current status and other convenient features that will allow them to receive the best care possible.

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WayCloud Complete Wayfinding

A complete, end-to-end cloud-based solution for delivering easily understood directions to your patients and visitors.

With full integration into your scheduling software, digital signage, static signage, with email and SMS delivery options, WayCloud is the necessary missing component in your hospital’s armory.

WayCloud Lite

WayCloud lite provides external wayfinding to guide your visitors and patients to the correct campus, parking lot, valet and entrance.

Using a licensed Google Maps API, WayCloud Lite will guide your visitors from their current location to the correct campus on time and with an ease of use that was previously unavailable.

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Cypress Digital Signage

Using the latest in cloud-based technologies, Cypress Digital Signage is the complete solution for indoor digital signage.

You can use Cypress to create interactive directories, communucate with visitors & staff and create a pleasant and comforting environment for your visitors.

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