Cypress gives you accurate, granular control of your digital signage

Cloud Managed Digital Signage
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Your signs, your players, all you need is the software to make them play well together. Cypress Digital Signage software is the simplest, most intuitive solution.

Imagine drag and drop functionality, clear and understandable interface, and getting your content right in a matter of minutes, not days. Purchased software can be loaded onto your internal servers.


We understand that many times leasing is a better solution than buying and Cypress Digital Signage is unique in the industry because we offer a low cost lease option.

That means your capital can stay where it’s the most your bank account. Call today and one of our representatives can give you a quote over the phone that will meet your specific needs.

Software & Players

You have the signs, you just need to be able to control them. Cypress Digital Signage software coupled with the Cypress controllers and you’ll be functional without the hassles of configuring your system from the ground up.

This option works great for those of you who have plenty of signs already but need an easy way to control them.

Complete Solution

For many customers a complete solution from Cypress Digital Signage is the most logical choice. Start with our innovative software, add custom integrated players and the exact signage you need and you have a beginning-to-end solution that is completely hassle-free.

Call us and we’ll design a system around you and your needs.

Cypress Digital Signage creates solutions to your most challenging digital signage needs. Whether you have one sign with a stand-alone message, or a dozen signs in a dozen states, we’ve crafted the way we work around you.
Why Cypress Digital Signage?

Cypress Digital Signage is software for digital signs designed for and by people in the digital sign business. What does that mean for you? We’ve been where you are, trying to control multiple signs or make quick changes to a single sign.

Often the software available was too difficult, too sluggish and sometimes just didn’t work at all.

At EDN Corporation we researched solutions from around the world. Software written by engineers existed but it was too complicated for the average person to use, and often buggy and sluggish.

So we commissioned custom software and created a solution that just works, simply and easily, without requiring extensive training or a degree in IT to operate. We know this works because we use it every day. No worries, no error messages, no complications.

Cypress Digital Signage gives you ultimate, granular control of your digital signage

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